Information for Parents


Rehearsals are from 4:30-5:45 every Tuesday afternoon at First United Methodist Church of Hendersonville. We will be working with your child intensely on the music. You are welcome to sit in the rehearsal, but you may not talk in the rehearsal space (the room has quite an echo).  All people (children and adults) in the room are expected to be attentive during practice.


Every child will be given a folder containing all of the music. The younger children will also have a sheet with just words, in case trying to read music and words is too overwhelming. The music may not be taken home, but feel free to take home the word sheets.  YouTube links to recordings will also be available.

/Sign out

We ask that you sign your child in to and out of rehearsal. If someone other than a parent is bringing a child, it is ok for that same person to sign out the same child. If a parent drops a child off, but someone else is picking that child up, please indicate so on the sign in/out sheet. First United Methodist Church strives to be a safe place for children!

Concert dress

Concert attire is black bottoms and shoes with a white shirt.  Please wear to all concerts unless otherwise instructed.


We follow the Henderson County Public Schools inclement weather policy, if school closes early we will not hold practice. Changes to rehearsal will be posted on Facebook and emailed to parents.


Tuition: $90/year or $50.00/semester (50% discount per additional family member). Tuition is non-refundable and due at the time of registration.

Concert Dates

Schedules will be handed out at the first rehearsal.