As part of our 40th Anniversary Season celebration, The Hendersonville Symphony Orchestras Board of Directors approved the establishment of The Encore Society to recognize our valuable Donors who help underwrite the financial expenses of this fine institution. Ticket revenue and grants do not fully cover all of the administrative expenses, concert expenses, and education programs. Your valuable participation ensures the future of the HSO for generations to come.


The Encore Society

Conductor’s Circle $10,000+

Audrey Love Charitable Foundation
Community Foundation of Henderson County
Estate of Mabel Malsbary
David and Merrily W. Thomas

Concertmaster $5000+

BMW of Asheville
Carolina Village
Eaton Corporation Charitable Fund
Lake Pointe Landing Retirement Community
The North Carolina Arts Council
Estate of Emily Phillips
Jean and Carl Schoendorfer
The Arts Council of Henderson County

 First Chair $2500+

City of Hendersonville
Eleanor and Duncan Fraser
The Greenville Chorale
Carol and Ron Medinger
Jerry and Ann Pyles
Skyland Automotive
C. Rivers Stone
Bob and Cecily Wells

Virtuoso $1000+

Paul and Leone Alexander
Maurine Bagwell
Paula R. Bonner Fund
Care Partners Foundation
Wes and Gayle Colby
Eleanor and Bill Crum
Terry Enslen
Christine Glaser
Jules and Cheryl Hagymassy
Donald and Lynn Hupe
Drs. Thomas & Anna Joiner
Dr. and Mrs. M. Eugene Kendall
Lynn and Lee Kitts
Laborde Eye Group
Arthur and Rebecca Lebowitz
Glover Little and Lynn Killian
Dave and Lee Marquardt
Wendy and Dick Mears
Morris Broadband
Mary G. Olson
Mrs. Lee J. Reuther
Pamela Sacco
Sandie Salvaggio-Walker
Bennie Santistevan
Tom and Linda Sauter
Teddi Segal
Tom and Nancy Streff
John Tracy
Peter and Pamela Voisin
Wally and Mary Rose Walsworth
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Principal $500+

Michael Alden
William H. Baker
Dave Bass
Bety and Dick Bobb
Gary and Judy Breissinger
Frank Byrd
Camille Camp
Kathleen and Ron Carland
Richard and Nancy DuRose
Beverly L. Edgell
Bill Elder and Catherine Lynch
Debbie and Ron Evilia
Richard and Charlotte Fowler
Sharon Goell
Ron and Rita Greiser
Norman Hink
Kimerly Hinkleman
Bill and Jana Humleker
Mary Irwin
Richard and Mary Kauffold
Dick and Dinorah Kranker
John and Elaine Maimone
Carolyn and Fritz McCall
John McCormick
Dr. Daniel and Karen Molnar
Ross and Shirley Nicholson
Mr. and Mrs. William Penny
Publix Super Market Charities, Inc.
E. Jeanne Reno
Burton and Gloria Richards
William and Carolyn Robichaux
Bill and Jean Ann Rushton
Cheryl A. Scott
Mayor and Mrs. Robert Staton
Jane and Bill Swafford
Kenneth and Susan Thomas
C. Blayne Turner
Jane Rouse Waddell
Harold Watsky
Patricia and Bill Wearmouth
Cynthia and James Wiley

Benefactor $250+

Ms. Judith A. Abrell
Mr. and Mrs. John Adamson
Mr. David Amsler
Ms. Ann Arida
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Aschenbrener
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Barget
Mrs. Irmgard Beck
Ms. Beth (Stephanie) Bell
Beverly-Hanks & Associates
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bouchard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brinkley
Mr. and Mrs. Reed Bryan
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Cafferty
Mrs. Emilee Cantieri
Carolina Alliance Bank
Dr. James Chambliss
Mr. Michael Covell
Mr. Ben Cox
Energy Mart Stores
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Faulkner
Ms. Jeri Gerner
Mr. Norman Glick
Ms. Anne Marie Graczyk
William Gross
Mr. Ryan Harman
Gen. and Mrs. Burton Harris
Dr. and Mrs. William Hiatt
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hickey
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hood
Mr. Orland (OK) Johnson
Mrs. Claire Joyner
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Kern
Mr. and Mrs. H. Lee King
Mr. H.R. Kutner
Ms. Dina Larsen
Mr. Tom Lister
Merrell Paint & Decorating
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Morrison
Mr. Francis Pedersen
Ms. Christina Phan
Ms. Catherine Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Riecker
Ms. Cynthia Riley
Mr. Ronald Rosenberger
Frederick Shinners
Judy Shumacker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sturm
Mrs. Mary Jane Swanson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thompson
Wells Fargo Advisors
Ms. Lavinia Zimmermann
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Zucker

Patron $100+

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Adams
Ms. Jane Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Anderson
Mr. Barry Arch
Mr. Mark Aspinwall
James Atkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bailey
Ms. Betty Baldwin
Ms. Elizabeth Balogh
Mr. Robert Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Bazzle
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bertini
Ms. Susanne Best
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Blair
Mr. and Mrs Richard (Rick) Boettcher
Mr. and Mrs. James Bolonda
Mr. James Brewer
Mrs. Joan Brooks
Ms. Jane Brophey
Mr. Richard Brown
Ms. Susan Brown
Ms. Dana Browning
Brumit Restaurant Group
Ms. Vicki Clauson
William Cohoon
Mr. Bradford Devine
Mr. Gary Dillon
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Doebler
Mr. Ronald Donigan
Ms. Carlyn Elliott
Mr. Josh English
Brian Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Fox
Dr. Robert Freeman
Dr. and Mrs. William Garrison
Ms. Cheryl Goodwin
Mr. Richard Graber
Mr. Burt Grayman
Mr. Craig Gregoire
Philip Gresh
Mr. and Mrs. Earle Haire
Mr. Larry Hargis
Ms. Rhoda Hargrave
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hay
Ms Judy Haynes
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Head
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heaviland
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Heilman
Hendersonville Eye Care
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P Hester
Ms. Judith Hodge
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hoverson
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hubbard
Mr. and Mrs. Nat Hughs
Paul Hummer
IBM Corporation Matching Gifts Program
Mr. and Mrs. A. Wesley Jensen
Mrs. Peggy Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Johnston III
Mr. James Jurczyk
Mr. and Mrs. Barbara Katzen
Mr. Paul Kays
Patrick Keenan
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Kennedy
Ms. Joan King
Mrs. Barbara Kohan
Ms. Elizabeth Kohl
Mr. Eric Koopmann
Mrs. Norma Kushigian
Ms. Virginia Kusler
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lang
Mr. Joseph Laughter
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Linn
Mr. amd Mrs. Ronald Lipham
Mr. Daniel Lundahl
Mr. and Mrs. Bryce Malsbary
Mr. Curtis Marker
Mrs. Dorothy Marlow
Mr. Sanford Marx
Mr. and Mrs. John Mayfield
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McConnell
Mr. and Mrs. John McCormick
Mrs. Kaye McDonnell
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McGrady
Mr. and Mrs. Denny McWilliams
Merrill Masonry, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. William Meyers
Ms. Jane Mildren
Mr. Frank Milligan
Ms. Patricia M. Mills
Ms. Jean Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Murrill
Mr. E. Glenn Musser
Dorian Neuendorf
Susan Nilsson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ohle
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Openo
Ms. Elizabeth Osmer
Jacqueline Perry
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Mr. Michael Quinn
Mr. Ronald Redmon
Mr. and Mrs. William Reese
Ms. Evelyn Renda
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Bart Salvaggio
Jay Schafer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Shepherd
Ms. Madlynn Shinn
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Sky Smith
Mr. Mike Spires
Mr. Jeffrey Springer
Mr. Jim Spry
Mr. William Stanley
Ms. Louise Stelling
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Strong
Mr. and Mrs. James Sutton
Ms. Diane Szabo
Ms. Katharine Taylor
Ms. Janice Theron
Ronald Tomlin
Mr. Timothy Towner
Triangle Stop
Philip A. Tukey and Sean Patrick Smith
Ms. Ursula Von Paczkowski
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Walker
Mr. James Walsh
Mr. Marion Washer
Mr. and Mrs. William Welliver
Mr. and Mrs. David West
Mr. Malvern West
Ms. Nancy West
Mr. and Mrs. Ray West
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Willms
Ms. Sandra Winecoff
Mrs. Ruth Wodock
Ms. Sherry Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Zigovsky
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Zimmerman

Supporter Up to $99

Ms. Susan Allen
Mr. C T Neal Andreae
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Armstrong
Mr. Harold Aronberg
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Baber
Mr. Mart Baldwin
Ms. Charlotte Barry
Ms. Angela Belmore
Mr. E. Peter Benzing
Benkt Berg
Ms. Cynthia Biddle
Mr. Raymond Bodie
Mr. Jerod Boles
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bollman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Books
Mr. Shane Bradley
Mr. Alex Briber
Barbara Briley
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Buckner
Col. Elizabeth (Ret) Bustamante
Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy
Elisabeth Carroll
Ms. Bette Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Caserta
Mr. and Mrs. James Chandler
Dr. Albert Clark
Ms. Barbara Clay
Albert Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Copenhaver
Mr. and Mrs. William Cox
Mr. K Creed
Chris Culley
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dalzell
Mr. and Mrs. George Danz
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Darnall
Mr. and Mrs. John Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Dillon
Ms. Wanda Doell
Dennis Drake
Miss Marie DuLong
Mr. and Mrs. James Ewing
Mr. Ray Fahrmeier
Ms. Peggy (Margaret) Garnier
Patricia Garrison
GE Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gooch
Mr. Steve Gordon
Ms. Kathleen Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Greco
Mr. and Mrs. A Gregg
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Harris
Ms. Trudy Harris
Doris Hawkins
Dr. Anna Hayward
Dr. Joane Helppie
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hessinger
Ms. Robin Hodgson
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Husk
Ms. Mary Ball Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. William Johnson
Ms. Mary Jones
Ms. Patsy Jones
Just Vino LLC
Ms. Elizabeth Kamis
Mr. Ken Kamis
Mr. George Kessel
Mr. and Mrs. Charles King
Ms. Rebecca King
Ms. Rita Klein
Mr. and Mrs. John Knapp
Ms. Linda Koos
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Laborde
Elias Latto
Guy Leary
Ms. Hazel Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lupfer
Ms. Catherine Lynch
Mrs. Katherine MacDonald
Ms. Barbara Magro
Ms. Mary Frances McAbee
Roger McDuffy
Mr. and Mrs. John McFadden
Ms. Lynn McFarland
Ms. Denise Medved
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Metzger
Mr. Keenan Michael
Mrs. Barbara Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Miller
Ms. Karin Minshull
Duane Moffitt
Ms. M. Mullen
Mrs. Betty Jane Musser
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Nilsson
Mr. Richard Opsahl
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Partin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Paulsen
Ms. Angela Perry
Ms. Elsie Pilarski
Mr. David Pryor
Ms Virginia Rehn
Charles Rempel
Ms. Judith Reynolds
Debbie Rice
Ms. Eleanor Richardson
Ms. Angela Roberts
Ms. Elizabeth Rodney
Ms. Amy Romagnuolo
Mrs. Phyllis Rothrock
Ms Kelly Scollin
Ms. Eleanor Sears
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Shefter
Kelley Singer
Ms. D’Arcy Sivertsen
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Skelton
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Smith
Ms. Joan Smith
Mr. Sean Patrick Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Smith
Ms. Elizabeth Snively
Ms. Audrey Snyder
Ms. Audrey Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Terrance Stein
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Stephens
Mrs. Helen Stewart
Ms. Susan Stewart
Ms. Janet Teller
Terminix Service, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. James Treanor
Ms. Marcia Vajay
Mr. Alphonse Van Cleven
Mr. and Mrs. David Van Hare
Ms. Linda Vidmar
Dr. and Mrs. James Volk
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Wain
Ms. Elizabeth Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. William Weege
Ms. Nancy West
Ms. Phyllis White
Mr. Robert Williams
Mr. and Mrs. George Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. William Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wright
Ms. Janice Wright
Dr. and Mrs. Basil Yost
Rev. and Mrs. Paul Yount
Warren Zwecker