As part of our 40th Anniversary Season celebration, The Hendersonville Symphony Orchestras Board of Directors approved the establishment of The Encore Society to recognize our valuable Donors who help underwrite the financial expenses of this fine institution. Ticket revenue and grants do not fully cover all of the administrative expenses, concert expenses, and education programs. Your valuable participation ensures the future of the HSO for generations to come.

The Encore Society

Conductor’s Circle $10,000+

Audrey Love Charitable Foundation

Community Foundation of Henderson County

Hendersonville Symphony League

David and Merrily W. Thomas

Concertmaster $5000+

BMW of Asheville

Eaton Corporation Charitable Fund

 Lake Pointe Landing Retirement Community

Wendy and Dick Mears

Suzanne H. Olmsted andPatrick M. McHenry

Jean and Carl Schoendorfer

 First Chair $2500+

  The  Arts Council of Henderson County Inc.

Maurine  E.  Bagwell

The Paula R. Bonner Fund

Carolina Village

Pamela  Sacco*

Rivers  Stone

Bob and Cecily Wells

Virtuoso $1000+

Paul and Leone Alexander


 Bob Jones University Museum & Gallery, Inc.

Bill and Rebecca Boswell

 City of Hendersonville

Eleanor and Bill Crum

 Edward Jones –  Mr. Ken Adams

Jeffrey  D.  Efird

Terry  S.  Enslen

 First Citizens Bank

Eleanor and Duncan Fraser

Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Glassman

Mr. and Mrs.  William F. Graves

Donna and William Hastie

Mary  K.  Highberger

Bill and Jana Humleker

Donald* and Lynn Hupe

Morgan and Evelyn Reynolds

Tom and Linda Sauter

Drs. Thomas* and Anna* Joiner

Dr. and Mrs. Gene Kendall

Lynn  Killian* and  Dr. Glover Little

Lynn and Lee Kitts

Laborde Eye Group

John and Barbara Lawless

Doris and Ralph Loomis

Dave and Lee Marquardt

Margaret  McKibbin

Bill and Miller Medina

Morris Broadband

Tom and Jackie Murrill

Mary  G.  Olson

Jerry and Ann Pyles

Ron Redmon and Tom Normand

Teddi  B.  Segal

Helen and Marv Seibold

Paulette Stewart-Johnson

 SELEE Corporation

Peter and Alison Shanahan

Stan and Jane Shelley

 Southern Alarm & Security

Mayor and Mrs.  Robert  V  Staton

Tom and Nancy Streff

Jane and Bill Swafford

 TD Bank

 The Leever Foundation

John  G.  Tracy

John and Lindsay Veazey

Peter and Pamela Voisin

James and Mynnette Wilson

Principal $500+

Dave Bass

Irmgard H. Beck and Donald A. Schultz

 Blue Ridge Bone & Joint Clinic

Gary and Judy Breissinger

 Camp Greystone

Kathleen and Ron Carland

Craig  Daingerfield

Tom and Betsy Darnall


Gaddy Family Charitable Gift Fund

John and Patricia Greene

Jules and Cheryl* Hagymassy

Henderson County

Hendersonville Chorale Inc.

Norm and Gloria Hink

Jim and Shirley Howard

Margaret Banta Humleker

Tom and Amanda Lister

John and Elaine Maimone

Mr. and Mrs.  Fritz  McCall

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

 Penny Insurance Agency

 Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program

 PSNC Energy

Burton and Gloria Richards

William and Carolyn Robichaux

Bennie  M.  Santistevan

Ann Arida  Talley

Patricia and Bill Wearmouth

Benefactor $250+

Judy Abrell

Advanced Technical Welding Inc.

Apple Tree Honda-Acura

Richard and Jennifer Armstrong

Tom and Helen Aschenbrener

William and Harriet Ball

Betty and Dick Bobb

Brock and Associates. Inc.

Byers Precision Fabricators, Inc.

Frank Byrd

Patrick and Irene Cafferty

John and Patsy Dupre

Richard and Nancy DuRose

Debbie and Ron Evilia

Dr. and Mrs. William T. Garrison

Givens Estates


Christine  Glaser

George  Halsey

Ryan  Harman

Robert and Nancy Hastie

Mr. and Mrs.  Donald  Hickey

Dorothy Clark

Sylvia and Wesley Jensen

Richard and Mary Kauffold

Kimberly Clark Corporation

Lee and Sarah King

Daniel and Edith Lang

Liberty Manuals Company

John McCormick

Dr.  Daniel  and Karen* Molnar

Morrow Insurance Agency, Inc

Pardee / UNC Health Care

Parsec Financial Management, Inc.  Gregory and Sheila Paul

Stephen Raney

Jeanne  Reno

Sandie  Salvaggio-Walker

Shuler Funeral Home

Tempo Music Center, Inc

Richard and Cherry Troxel

United Community Banks

Grace and William Vineyard

John and Janice Walters

Cynthia and James Wiley

Wilsonart International  David White

Patron $100+

 Martha and Robert Adams

John and Julia Adamson

Ken and Jane Anderson

Neal Andreae and Nancy Mitchell

Bonnie Arbuckle

Edward and Pat Argue

Dave Arnold and Kathi Bivens

Elaine and Don Bailey

Baz and Caroline Bazzle

Peter and Lizzi Benzing

Charles and Joan Bertini

Ken Blackwell

 Blue Ridge Termite & Pest Services, Inc.

Nancy  Boyea

Paula  Campbell

Jerry  Cannon

Dr.  James  F.  Chambliss,  Dr. Elizabeth J. La Voo

Al and Edie Clark

Raymond  Clawson

Dr. John and Donna Crawford

Madeline and Bob Daubert

Larry and Patty Doebler

Bill Elder and Catherine Lynch

Astrid and Jim Ewing

Florence M. Falkinburg

Amy B. Foster Trust

Jennie  Francis

Peggy Garnier

Denny and Gareth Geering

Norman Glick

Cheryl  A.  Goodwin

Anne Marie  Graczyk

Don and Nancy Grantham

Ruth  A.  Haines

Michael and Lillian* Hall

Joseph and Anita Hara

Larry and Carolyn Hargis

Rhoda  R.  Hargrave

Michael and Laurie Hartman

Jon and Gretchen Heinrich

Judy Hodge

Rita and Tim Hood

Russell and Iona Hubbard

Miles and Ann Hudson

Marjorie  Huffine

Jim and Inez Huftalen

Bud and Randy Hunter

Mary  Irwin*

L.D. and D.J. Johnson

Claire Joiner in Memory of Billy Joiner

Barbara  Kohan

Ann and Eric Koopman

Dina Behrens Larsen

Arthur and Rebecca Lebowitz

Mary Lou Leidheiser

Scott and Martha Loftfield

Mark A. Kenzik

Sanford and Ginger Marx

Kaye McDonnell

Carol and Ron Medinger

Merrell Paint & Decorating

Patricia and Ellis Mills

Mud Creek Baptist Church

NewPointe Builders

Emily A. Phillips

Mr.  Joseph  D.  Pucilowski,  Dr. Susan K. Kasper

 Reaben Oil Company

Evelyn L. Renda

Galen  Reuther

Richards Family Chiropractic

Charles and Francoise Riecker

Ronald and Norma Rosenberger

Phyllis  Rothrock

Ann  M.  Ryan

Bart and Alisa Salvaggio

Ms.  Louis  Schneider

Glenn and Jan Shefter

Sherwin-Williams Company

Don Shimon

Dr. Arthur F. and Madlynn Shinn

Charles and Julie Shoemaker

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Alan and Jane Skelton

Edgar and Barbara Smith

Jeffrey and Suzanne Springer

Gerald and Willa Stone

Charles and Kathleen Strong

Stuller Power Solutions and Electrical Contracting

Katharine  H.  Taylor

Ted. N. Reese Insurance Agency, Inc.

Jim and Susan Toms

Marion  Washer

Ray and Kyungmi West

Ann and Charlie Wilkins

Milt and Vi Winsor

Ruth  C.  Wodock

Sherry  Woods

John and Elizabeth Wright

Herbert and Patricia Young

Jean and Paul Yount

Martin and Bernice Zigovsky

Supporter Up to $99

  Aesthetics Medical SPA  Beth Brinson

A Friend in honor of Judy King

Jack and Debbie Andrews

Betty  Baldwin

Joseph and Charlotte Barry

Marvella Baxter

Richard Beatty

Susanne Best

E.  Brim

Joan and Harold Brooks

George  C.  Butler  Jr.

Emilee Cantieri

Ben and Carolyn Caserta

Linda, Mike and April Charping

Claude and Elaine Cross

Edmund and Julie Cushing

Jeff and Renee Davenport

Teresa Davis

Patricia Delemos

Yoali Dominguez-Manuel

Kristin Durnin

Beverly Edgell

Mrs.  Mariann  L.  Forster

D.C. Francis

Kathleen Graham

 Mr. and Mrs. Robert  Griffin

Janice Guazzo

Kristen  Hackos

Robert and Noelle Haft

Rollie and Anita Hanson

Carl and Susann Hay

Mary-Rose and Robert Heaviland

Steve and Rena Hoffman

James and Patricia Hunt

Patricia  James

Margaret  Jenkins

Mary  K.  Jones

Kenneth Joyce & Joyce Hudgins-Joyce

Richard R. Kirkendall

Ginny Kussler in honor of Lloyd Kussler

Mr.  F.  Landry

Lelia  Lattimore

Stephen and Susan Manuel

Virgil and Pamela McCurry

William and Maryke MeyersBarbara  H.  Miller

Betty Jane  Musser

Loralee  Neal

Lorraine  Neilson

Richard and Marie O’Connor

Robert and Kathryne Papes

Robert and Roxann Paulsen

Shanna  Pressley

David and Louise Reeves

Richard and Elizabeth Rodney

Veronica  Sanchez

Harold and Eleanor Sears

Daniel and Sherry Smith

Jerry and Debra Smith

Jim and Kathleen Smith

Travis and Florence Smith

Louise  Meyers  Stelling

Paul  Stroebel

David Van Hare & Barbara Laabs

Phyllis  Vogt

Fair  Nabors  Waggoner

Carl and Margee Weaver

William and Kathleen Weege

Jim and Donalee Wermeister

Bernice and Richard Wheeler

Charles and Paula Williamson

Penni  A.  Winch

Charlotte  Wolf