The Hendersonville Symphony Orchestra (HSO) celebrates its 45th anniversary in 2016.  The HSO has evolved over its history from a largely volunteer community orchestra into an all-professional ensemble featuring some of the finest orchestral talent in the region.  From its beginning, the orchestra has contributed to Hendersonville and the surrounding area through concert offerings and extensive outreach to area youth.  We value the opportunity we have to work with the  young musicians in our community and take seriously our responsibility to work with them and the schools to further their musical education.

All our musicians are compensated for their services.  A typical concert will employ 60-70 musicians, many of whom reside in Henderson County.  The balance comes from communities in Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina.  A small, dedicated staff supports our concert and educational outreach initiatives.

Recent Past Concerts

Board Presidents Conductors
1972+73 Chan Harbour 1971-1974  James Stokes
1974 James Stokes 1975-1976 Raymond Reed & W. Richard McCutchan
1975+76 Raymond Reed 1977- 1989 Peter Rickett
1977 Jack Freeman 1989-1993 Virginia Tillotson
1978+79 John F. McLeod, Jr.—– 1994-1998 Manuel Alvarez
1980 Co. C.D. Strider 1998-Present Thomas Joiner
1981 Lynn Killian
1982+83 Flora Larson
1984+85 Martha Irving
1986+87 Lynn Killian
1988, 89, + 90 Frank Byrd
1991+92 Rebecca Boswell
1993 Robert Beal
1994+95 Bill Humleker
1996+97 Robert Cranford
1998+99 Dries Jansma
2000+01 Larry Wing
2002 Lynn Kitts
2003+04 Tom Sauter
2005+06 Bill Humleker
2007+08 Don Hupe
2009+10 Gene Hamme
2011+12 Donna Hastie
2013+14 Jules Hagymassy

2015 – Present Rita Hood